Threading & Sugaring Services

Alternative Hair removal techniques


Threading is an alternative hair removal technique to waxing, and is a great solution for people who have sensitive skin. Because there is no contact with the skin, threading does not remove the top layer of skin in the hair removal process. Threading is by far the least invasive hair removal technique, and can create a clean, graceful brow pain free.

  • Brow: $25+
  • Lip or Chin: $15+
  • Brow & Lip: $35+
  • Brow & Forehead: $35+
  • Side Burn: $25+
  • Full Face: $57+


Body Sugaring:

Body Sugaring is a hair removal technique that uses a 100% Natural paste comprised of sugar, lemon and water. The sugaring paste is applied to the area of skin, then pulled in the direction of the hair growth in a gentle flicking motion. As a result, this dramatically reduces hair breakage and the occurance of ingrown hairs. Being that the body sugar never adheres to the live skin cells, only the dead skin cells are removed, resulting in a gentle exfoliation of the skin area.

  • Brazilian: $75+
  • Bikini: $50+
  • Half Leg: $50+
  • Full Leg: $80+
  • Back: $60+
  • Chest: $60+
  • Full Face: $60+
  • Full Arm: $50+
  • Half Arm: $35+


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